Refund & Return Policy Added

Dec 09, 2018


Dean Murray

Your satisfaction with our products is very important to all of us at BearMoon Soap. 

Because of this, we have formalized our Refund & Return Policy to enable you to purchase our soap online with confidence.

Why now?

We have been making and selling soap for over two years now and during that time we've never had a single customer return or even ask to return a product. Until recently. Yup, a customer wasn't happy with the fragrances of the soap they received and claimed it didn't match the description on our site. 

We were very disappointed - not so much that the customer wanted to return the product, instead we couldn't believe that someone didn't like the "most awesome soap in the universe" :).

We quickly got over our dis-belief and also remembered that no two noses are the same.  In fact, among the BearMoon family members, we rarely agree unanimously on the scent of a particular soap.  It's also not uncommon that one or two of us can't even smell certain scents. 

We also see this a lot at markets and shows when customers comment on the scents of particular soaps. 

Be Confident

Even though it has been discussed how we would handle returns, we also just realized those thoughts weren't officially documented on our site. Now they are officially posted so you may purchase with confidence knowing that if you aren't happy, we'll do everything we can to fix it. 

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